Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To You!

My birthday is during Christmas break, so I was always the kid in school who had to celebrate it on a different day or with other kids.  Needless to say, I LOVE to make sure my kiddos feel that their birthday is special.  Call me crazy, but I do not double up any birthdays (even summer ones) unless they actually fall on the same day.  Here is how we celebrate birthdays in our class!  First, I read this book to the class and whenever the book says "you"  I pause and we all say the name of the birthday kid!
Don't be jealous that I have read this book a million times and pretty much have it memorized:)

Then as a class we brainstorm all the reasons why we like the birthday kid.  We always have the comments like, "she is nice" or "he plays with me," which are great but I also try to have them think of specific things that makes that child special, things that they are really good at.  Then each student completes a page for the birthday kid's book.  I usually just staple the books together but they could also be bound or tied with ribbon.  While the other students are completing the book, the birthday kid gets a birthday coloring page to work on.  Last but not least, there is ALWAYS a birthday crown!!  Below are the pages I use for my birthday book and the cover.  I like to have them all copied and paper clipped together with each child's birthday crown at the beginning of the year then there is no last minute scrambling on the days you need them. 


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