Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teachers Monday!

We're linking up with blog hoppin' for teacher week.  Head on over there and check out all the great teacher blogs and link up this week so we can get to know you!

If you haven't figured it out yet, this blog is done by three teachers.  Here's a glimpse of who we are (hopefully it won't be too confusing trying to tell about all three of us).
Ericka, Tina, Kasey

* Teaching Experience:

Ericka - 2 years in pre-k and 4 years in 1st grade

Tina - 6 years all in 1st grade

Kasey - 5 years all in 1st grade

* Education:

Ericka - Bachelors in elementary education and an early childhood endorsement from Southern Utah University

Tina - Bachelors in early childhood and special education from Westminster College

Kasey - Bachelors in elementary education from BYU-Idaho and Masters in Education with an emphasis in reading and literacy from University of Utah.

* Teaching supplies we can't live without:

Ericka - Flair pens and glue sticks

Tina - Colorful Sharpies and PaperPro stapler

Kasey - RED Flair pens and Post-Its.  Is Dr. Pepper a teaching supply?

* Favorite thing to teach:
Ericka - Math

Tina - Language Arts

Kasey - Reading and P.E.

* Family:

Ericka: Married for 15 years this Wednesday, 3 kiddos (1 son, 2 daughters) and one crazy dog

Tina: Married with 1 daughter and a little one on the way - (Woohoo!!!!) and 2 stepdaughters.  Oh and you can't forget the dog!
Kasey:  Living up the single life.  Seriously, I can't even commit to a dog (Ericka and Tina have tried).

* What we love (outside of teaching):

Ericka: Anything outdoors (camping, swimming, fishing, etc.), reading, sewing and movies

Tina: Reading, fishing, shopping, movies and vacations to Disneyland and the beach

Kasey: Cooking/baking, reading, country music, movies and football (Go Utes!)

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  1. Ahhh!!!! This was super cute! Loved it girls!