Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr Seuss Week

This will be just a quick post because I am actually supposed to be filling out report cards.  Yikes!  I am so behind.  We have conferences next week.  How about you?

Every year we celebrate Theodor Geisel and the many books of Dr. Seuss with a week long celebration.
I thought I would share my students creations.  With the first picture I read "Ten Apples On Top" and then the students got to draw a picture of themselves and then balance 10 apples on their heads.  We have been working on place value so what a perfect time to practice number order with two digit numbers.  The apples are numbered lowest to highest from the top of their heads to the top of the paper.

For my bulletin board I had my students do a listening/drawing activity.  I don't tell them who or what we are drawing, I just direct them to "Draw after me".  I don't know if it's truly "art", but it really shows who can follow directions.  My favorite part is that it lets a lot of my kids see that they CAN draw, they just have to look at the lines and curves.  I try to convince them art is all about lines and curves, but I'm pretty sure they think it is all about magical powers. HA!

Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy today.  I took them with my computer as I was headed out the door today!  I can't wait for more Dr. Seuss fun tomorrow.  It's Wacky Wednesday and we will all be 
wearing our craziest socks!
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