Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

We just finished with parent teacher conferences! Wahoo!  We had our kiddos make folders to hold report cards and the work we wanted to show parents. This conference we made "WANTED" posters. "Wanted: Number One First Grader". They drew a picture of themselves as an awesome first grader and we glued it to the big construction paper, folded in half and ta-da! Folder! They each listed 3 great 1st grade characteristics that we had brainstormed on the board.  There were things like:
 "Good Choice Guru," 
"Math Superstar,"
"Interesting Illustrator".
They turned out so cute!

Click the picture for a copy if you would like.  
We used Keven and Amanda's "Jailbird Jenna" for the font.

We also gave a little treat to each of our kiddos.  It says "I'm so LUCKY to be your teacher".  We used Kevin and Amanda's "Boring Showers" and "His name is honey" fonts to make the printable, cut them out with decorative scissors and stapled to a wrapped candy.  Just a little something to make each of them feel special.  Here is the (not perfect) printable if you would like.
Happy teaching everybody!

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