Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Number Workbook

As much as we aren't ready to say good-bye to our summer days, it is time to prepare for a new year. This year we are tackling the Common Core Math Curriculum. YIKES!!! It looks like the concepts we taught at the end of last year are what we will be starting with this year! So we decided we better upgrade our number review workbook that we've used from past years in order to give our kiddos a bit more of a challenge. We plan on taking 5-10 minutes everyday at the beginning of our math block to do this little review/warm-up. Here are a few of the pages from our book. It does a review from 0-20. 

If you would like your own copy of our new Number Workbook, head on over to our Teachers Pay Teachers store! And if you hurry, you can get it for 20% off during our back to school sale!

Ok, so, that takes care of 10 minutes of our school day, now off to plan the rest of the steps :)


  1. I found out I'm teaching first grade next year. So I need some first grade things. This is so awesome. I've spent my wad for this month. But I'm putting this on my wishlist so I can purchase it when I have more mulah!!
    The Hive