Friday, September 30, 2011

Common Core "I Can" Statements for 1st Grade Units 2 and 3

Awhile back we posted the "I Can" statements for the first unit in the Common Core.  You can find those here.  Our district developed these so we definitely aren't taking credit for them, just making them cuter.  We are headed into our last week of Unit 1, so we thought we should post the next "I Can" statements.  Life as a teacher can be crazy, so for good measure, here is Units 2 and 3.  We've really found that it has helped to read through our districts suggested Common Core Units to better understand the "I Can" statements.  Here are the links for those, Unit 2 and Unit 3.  We've felt like first year teachers quite often this year, with all of the planning and thinking and DREAMING that comes with a new core.  It's fun though, feeling that sense of excitement that comes with new learning.  What is that saying? "When 1 person teaches 2 people learn"...or 18-20 depending on your class size!
Keep on, teachin' on!


  1. These are downloaded and ready to print!!!! Thanks for your hard work ladies!!!! I'm totally benefiting from all that you do!

    Coming to the blogger/teacher meet-up?

  2. We are just learning about common core standards. They have had selected teachers developing the units for next year. Where did your district get their units? Were they purchased or were they developed by teachers? I am excited but feel we are rushing to create a unit to have it done for next year and it will not be everything it needs to be. I would appreciate your help. It sounds like you are way ahead of us!!!!