Monday, October 3, 2011

Informational Labeling Inspiration

My love for pinterest is not lost on anybody who is close to me. So when I saw two BRILLIANT ideas, I quick donned my supercape and combined them into one awesome lesson. My kiddos are loving informational texts and I have been pondering the best ways to teach their key features. Then during one night of pinning, pinning, pinning I saw this FUN picture/lesson on labeling:
Mrs. Lee's Kinder Kids
"Labeling the Teacher"
She says she got the idea from Babbling Abby.  So I give credit to her, she gives it to Abby.  Click on the picture for her post on "labeling the teacher".  Have I mentioned that I love teachers and their willingness to share?  Anyway, the next day I was pinning, pinning, 
pinning and lo and behold the cutest labeling opportunity:
Pinned Image
click on the picture to link to her "label time" post.
Seriously DARLING huh?  She has the cutest packet of "Label Time" printables in her
Teacher Notebook store that you can link to straight from her post.
So I began with labeling the teacher.  My kiddos laughed and laughed and LOVED it!
I may have been a little dramatic, but teaching is often a full time acting job right?
I gave each child a sticky note and assigned them a body part, then we attached them to me:
Seriously? The things we do in the name of teaching.
Together we talked about how to label a picture or photo and then we labeled the "label the class" activity. Yup, pretty sure this lesson made an impression on my kiddos.  They either have labeling DOWN or they went home and told 
their parents that their teacher was crazy.

All in the day of a first grade teacher!
Thank you Pinterest and the MANY amazing inspirational teachers whose ideas are filling my boards!

Keep on, teachin' on FOLKS!


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  2. Great lesson! Loved the pic of you covered in post-its!

  3. So much fun, right? Thanks for the shout out! :)

  4. Oh my gosh I was laughing out loud when I saw your picture! IT'S PRICELESS!!!!! I love this idea!