Sunday, April 29, 2012

Never, But Always

Have you read Never Take A Shark to the Dentist (and other things not to do)?  We highly recommend it!  This book of advice by the author of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs is perfect for first graders!  They think it is a riot.  On each page you have the cautionary advice and then the illustration shows the consequence of going against the suggestion:
"Never go shoe shopping with a centipede!"

Our first graders LOVED reading this book and we enjoyed making our own class book of suggestions.  Each student writes their own page of "Never________" and the other side says "But always___________".  Here are some of my favorites:
"Never take a shark to the swimming pool"

"But always take a ghost to the graveyard."

"But always give a giraffe lots of neckties."

"Never go running with a cheetah."

"But always go running with Dad."
If you would like a copy to create with your class you can grab it from our TPT store!  We also created a cover with Scrappin' Doodles cute shark clipart.  We just love their clipart!  Thanks for reading!


  1. This looks super cute!! I may have to get that book!!
    First Grade Blue SKies

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